Onward and Upward

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Resistance cannot stop you from achieving your dreams

You choose the life you lead. If you want to drown yourself in the sorrows from others, that’s your own decision. If not, then pull yourself away from all the negativity and haters out there. Ditch the deadweight – it’s time to move onward and upward.

In a world driven by instant gratification and access to technology, it’s easy to succumb to the darkness that exists today. You can focus on everything that’s wrong or you can make the choice to focus on what is right and direct your energy there. It’s your call plain and simple. Where will you spend your energy today?

Who are the happiest people in life? People who focus on work? People who focus on family? People who focus on themselves? It could be any of those people. Happiness comes from within and if you’re constantly trying to please other people to make yourself happy you’ll be just like the hamster running in wheel spending so much energy to press forward but in the end, you’ll go nowhere.

So instead of being a people pleaser, start with yourself. Do what makes you happy and forget about the rest. Life is short. Positive memories will win out in the end, if you so choose them to win. There’s no point in dwelling on past mistakes or people who aren’t in your corner. Don’t let others who are insecure take away from your dreams and vision of where you’re going. In fact, use that as a fire to push you to where you want to be. It’s always rewarding to make it to that mountain top that no one thought you could reach so when you get there you don’t necessarily have to say “I told you so” rather you can just smile and nod with that ray of confidence glowing around your head.

Dare to dream big and push yourself and your friends beyond your wildest dreams, for in the end how will you be remembered? As a sheep who went with the herd or someone who broke from the herd and created something magical? No one remembers sheep. And in fact, it will be the sheep who try to persuade you to join them in their herd. “Don’t leave us, it’s safer in numbers. We can all live in peace and harmony by doing exactly the same thing.” And where will that get you? Nowhere.

Life will be over before you know it so do something productive with yours and start building a legacy. Anyone who doesn’t want to join you on your journey can see their way out to the nearest exit for you don’t have any time to spend with sheep. It’s time to move onward and upward. Start making plans for your own greatness today if you haven’t already. Time waits for no one.





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